Samsung offers truce proposal in hopes to settle antitrust investigation

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European Commission’s Joaquin Almunia confirmed last month that it didn’t look good for Samsung in the antitrust case but the positive thing was the Korean company’s willingness to settle it. More details are out and as part of the commitments, Samsung offers to drop all ongoing and future patent-related lawsuits against any company willing to agree to a particular licensing framework.

In case with Apple, if the iPhone maker agrees to the licensing framework, Samsung will “abstain from seeking injunctions for mobile SEPs for a period of five years”.

The Commission is currently inviting comments from interested parties and if found fair, the Commission will then make it legally binding on Samsung, which effectively could save Samsung from a hefty $18 billion fine.


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4 years 3 months ago

I know that I don’t follow the fight between Samsung and crapple very close, but crapple is the one that needs to be stopped. They gone after Samsung in every country including korea. Oh no! My phone goes online, must be copying the iphone.

4 years 3 months ago

Ha! Stop using your phone immediately! or cough up our reasonably priced licence fee. THE CRAPPLE PATENTS/LEGAL TEAM 🙂

Can’t wait for Apple to try banning my 3 year old HP Pavillion DV7 Laptop.


It has a fingerprint login facility. Which never existed until Apple put in on the iPhone 5s hehehe.