Galaxy Round simply a prototype test device, will have limited production even in South Korea

Your plans to score one of Samsung’s Galaxy Round, the world’s first smartphone to feature a flexible display might not work out that well, as according to our insider, Samsung is looking to produce only limited quantities of the device, even in South Korea. It’s apparently a prototype device to test curved OLED displays, similar to devices like the SCH-W850 and the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE (SHV-E120S), which were also produced in limited quantities in order to test AMOLED and HD AMOLED displays, respectively.

This pretty much explains the high asking price of the device, and could mean that Samsung won’t be launching this in markets outside its home country. That isn’t exactly disappointing, as the Galaxy Round is mostly a Galaxy Note 3 but without S Pen support, but here’s hoping Samsung’s limited test run will result in a successor that the company is able to launch as a mass market device.

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