New 13MP camera sensor will bring improved picture stability, better pictures in low-light

The megapixel battle amongst mobile phone manufacturers may have stagnated but the war to own the best camera in a smartphone is far from over. Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics subsidiary confirmed the development of a new 13 megapixel camera sensor that promises better performance than the rest of the 13 megapixel lot.

For instance, the sensor has an anti-shake function that can correct an angular error of up 1.5 degrees – more then double than most digital cameras – resulting in a blur-free picture. Additionally, the module promises up to eight times brighter low-light pictures and is small enough to pack in the size of prevalent smartphones.

Samsung is currently sampling it with manufacturers and plans to mass produce in first half of 2014, which suggests, it could make it in the Galaxy S5.




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If you follow this site closely, you will remember the note3 was supposedly to debut with this 13MP module with OIS, but for some reason Samsung had a delay so instead of debutting with OIS (Optical image stabilization) they come up with the shameless gimmick called “smart stabilization” which had nothing to do with hardware stabilization.

it’s truely amazing that when next round likes of LG and Sony will already equip with 16MP or 20MP OIS module, Samsung will still sell record breaking Galaxy S5 with this such high tech 13MP OIS camera


Galaxy S5 may come with improved 13 mega-pixel camera? Not 16 or 20MP?