Samsung ISOCELL will improve pictures in low-light situations

Mobile phone companies have been working diligently to improve picture quality on their mobile devices and Samsung has come up with their solution that will effectively improve low-light pictures. The technology is called ISOCELL that increases light sensitivity and improves colour reproduction and overall picture quality in poor lighting conditions. Samsung is planning to integrate ISOCELL technology in high-end mobile phones and tablets.

Advancing from FSI to BSI and now ISOCELL, Samsung says the new technology decreases crosstalk by 30 percent and reproduces the image with better color reproduction, sharpness and richness compared to the BSI technology.

The ISOCELL also features 20 percent wider chief ray angle (CRA) that reduces the height of the camera module.

Samsung’s first image sensor to adopt this new technology is S5K4H5YB that utilizes a 1.12um ISOCELL pixel and has a 1/4inch optical format and 8 megapixel support.



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