Samsung ATIV Q Windows 8/Android tablet could be called due to patent issues

A couple of months back, Samsung announced its first dual-booting Android/Windows 8 tablet – the ATIV Q – but according to some reports, the device may have been cancelled. It’s no longer on Samsung’s website (it’s only in press materials from the time of its announcement), and apparently patent issues are what Samsung to give the boot to its launch.

What patents are affecting the launch are unclear at this point, though they could be some related to Microsoft, who has a lot of patents that manufacturers already pay to use on Android (making Microsoft a lot of money from a rival OS). Those who pre-ordered the tablet will probably be refunded, and we might have to wait further for a Windows 8 and Android hybrid from the Korean manufacturer.

Anyone of you who pre-ordered the ATIV Q and / or are disappointed by its cancellation?


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