Galaxy Folder (SHV-E400K) specs leaked

Clamshell phones may have run its course in majority of the markets but Samsung sees an opportunity in China where Samsung Hennessy is expected and in their own country with the Galaxy Folder (SHV-E400K). Compared to the Hennessy, this phone is a mid-range device with decent specifications.

Thanks to the user manual posted by Samsung, we know the SHV-E400K will feature a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 2GB RAM, two 3.67-inch AMOLED displays with WVGA resolution, two cameras, LTE, latest Android OS, 1820mAh battery.

The few things we don’t know right now are the price and availability but given the user manual is up on the Samsung site, we can expect Samsung to announce soon.


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