Samsung launches MangaCamera and Paper Artist apps for Windows Phone

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Samsung isn’t too focused on Windows Phone, with Nokia selling the bulk of devices based on Microsoft’s young mobile operating system. Samsung’s ATIV phones didn’t sell much (or, at all, compared to Nokia’s Lumias), but the company has still found reason to launch two new photo effects apps for the few users that are using an ATIV Windows Phone 8 phone somewhere out there: MangaCamera and Paper Artist. 

MangaCamera lets you turn your photos into cartoons, and applies effects in real-time when you’re pointing your camera at something. You can download additional frames apart from the ones that come with the app, and the app also registers itself in the lenses menu so you can access it right from the default camera app on Windows Phone.


As for Paper Artist (also available on Android), it’s basically a more advanced version of MangaCamera as it allows you to put different types of filters on photos instead of just cartoons. You can either import photos or take new ones with effects shown in real-time. Both MangaCamera and Paper Artist allow you to share your edited images through the Share option.


Both apps are exclusive to ATIV devices and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. It’s good to see Samsung thinking of their Windows Phone users a bit, so make the best of it while you can.

Download: MangaCamera | Paper Artist

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