Samsung “reviewing” Android 4.3 update plans, isn’t naming any devices just yet

Google unveiled Android 4.3 today, and it will begin rolling out to Nexus devices immediately (and “soon” for the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4), but for owners of non-Nexus devices it will be a considerable wait as usual, as manufacturers get down on adapting their custom skins to the newest version of Android, a job they’re nefariously slow at.

Samsung has apparently spoken out officially on their Android 4.3 update plans to TechRadar, and we’re afraid their response wasn’t very encouraging. Samsung UK had this to say:

Samsung UK will confirm upgrade plans to Android 4.3 to selected Galaxy devices in the coming months”

The company didn’t name any devices, not even their flagship Galaxy S4, and while rumors have been flying around that at least the Galaxy S III and Note II will get Android 4.3 directly instead of 4.2.2 (it has been confirmed for the Note II), it seems we’ll have to wait a while before they finish “reviewing” their plans and give us an official list of eligible devices.


Android 4.3 isn’t really that huge an upgrade nor very desirable, but it’s still disappointing to hear that nothing is finalized yet. However, knowing Samsung, we can rest assured that they’ll beat other manufacturers to the punch and probably be the first to start rolling out the update, and we’ll be sure to try to get our hands on test versions and make them available to you whenever possible.


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