Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star The Galaxy Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star has been rumoured before by SamMobile and are a low-end Android devices. The Galaxy Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star have a 3 inch QVGA TFT LCD display, 2 megapixel camera, Android 4.1.2. and are based on Samsung’s own touch-wiz nature UX interface. The price is expected to be around the 150 euro’s.
Below the pictures of the devices and the specifications. If you want to compare everything hit over to our specification page!

Below the presentation by Samsung.

• Stylish and Compact Form Factor: Both devices feature a compact, curved form factor to easily fit in your pocket or small bag and natural to operate using one hand. Their smooth clean lines and stylish yet sophisticated design make the perfect complement to work or personal life.

• Superior Performance: The GALAXY Star and GALAXY Pocket Neo are powered by a 1GHz and 850 MHz processor, respectively, for powerful performance, smooth UI transitions and fast internet, which makes watching videos, navigating apps, playing games, surfing the web and multitasking quick and effortless. Both devices also feature 4GB of internal storage with up to 32GB of expandable memory to store all your favorite apps, music, videos, photos and more.

• Rich, Interactive User Experience: Combining Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) experience with the user-friendly Touchwiz interface, the GALAXY Star and GALAXY Pocket Neo allow you to easily navigate the device, switch between apps, take and share photos and customize the home screen with just a few taps. The advanced software also facilitates more efficient CPU use for improved battery life, meaning users can enjoy longer talk time and multimedia use. Built-in widgets offer one-click shortcuts to weather and other recently-used applications for quick and easy access to real-time notifications. Enhanced with intuitive motion UI, both devices can detect simple movements to intelligently complete common tasks. When unavailable to accept a call, users can simply flip over the device to mute the ringer. Users can also scan the Bluetooth connected devices or wireless access points by simply shaking the devices.

• Reliable Dual SIM Connectivity: Whether using the device for work or play, the GALAXY Star and GALAXY Pocket Neo provide customers the flexibility and added convenience of two phone numbers for calling, texting and web usage through their Dual SIM functionality that includes intuitive settings for easy call and security management. Utilizing the Always On feature, there’s no reason to miss a call with call forwarding to the other SIM even while you’re on the phone using the other. Dual SIM is perfect for those using their device for business and personal purposes or those looking for more flexibility between calling plans and coverage areas. On top of that, with its enhanced UX called Quick Panel and Widget, switching SIMs on a home screen has never been easier than before. Users can even choose one of numbers when they send a text message as there are two different sending buttons for two numbers on the same page. The availability of Single SIM version or Dual SIM version varies by markets

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