Samsung Display ready to develop full HD AMOLED panels

Samsung ready to develop FULL HD AMOLED panels by the end of 2012.
According to the latest rumors is Samsung also ready to develop full HD LCD panels, but Samsung want to use full HD AMOLED in stead of full HD LCD specially for their new high-end smartphones.
Since 2010 Samsung uses in the most high-end smartphones AMOLED technology. Samsung Display is now able to create full HD AMOLED displays with resolution of 1920 × 1080. The new full HD AMOLED panels are using FMM technology. The pixel destiny of Full HD AMOLED displays would be would be up to 440ppi. Samsung currently use JDI as display technology but Samsung Display bashed this back.

One of the biggest problems for Samsung Display is time…
Samsung Display isn’t sure to get everything done on time.
This could mean some new products are delayed or Samsung will use full HD LCD in stead of full HD AMOLED.

Let’s hope Samsung is ready to use full HD AMOLED panels in their new GALAXY products for 2013.
Samsung use AMOLED technology as unique sellings point.

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Just make them as much as possible and release them with top Galaxy line and nature will do the rest. If other see them release with a product it will creat competition and market.