Samsung Galaxy S III crushes the iPhone 5 in benchmarks

CNET recently reported that the  iPhone 5 scores higher in benchmarks then the Samsung Galaxy S III. They reported that the Samsung Galaxy S III scored 1588 on geekbench and the iPhone 5 scored 1602. Well, these scores are NOT correct.

The iPhone 5 packs a Dual-Core Apple A6 Chip clocked at 1GHz whereas the Samsung Galaxy S III packs a Quad-Core Exynos 4412 Chip clocked at 1.4GHz. On the official Geekbench website the scores are a little different then the ones reported by CNET, The iPhone 5 scores 1590 and the Samsung Galaxy S III scores a whooping 1766.

Samsung Galaxy S III = 1766 


Apple iPhone 5 = 1590


As you can see the Samsung Galaxy S III crushes the iPhone 5 into pieces!

(iPhone Scores via iOS Benchmarks Geekbench – Galaxy S III scores via Android Benchmarks Geekbench)

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شکست آیفون ۵ در برابر گلکسی اس ۳؟!
4 years 3 months ago

[...]  sammobile [...]

The Dirty Little Secret About Mobile Benchmarks | Mostly-Tech
4 years 3 months ago

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4 years 8 months ago

Galaxy S3 PIMP SLAPS any apple product

4 years 8 months ago

Both devices are very fast :-)

4 years 8 months ago

Never a quad core duplicate the speed of the dual core of the same fraquency,
Really if you have a dual core of 1ghz each core, and compare with a quad core of 1ghz each core the speed of each core is similar.
The difference is only notable when the two cores in the dual core phone are busy, the phone cannot perform any new task and is completely unusable, but the quad core in the same state with two cores busy have two cores fresh and unused for new tasks and can be used.

The comparation in high usage situation is not mesured in benchmarks.


4 years 8 months ago

1300000 tomans=920 us dollars
where are you from???
you think that you are smart and gentle cause what?
my goverments are very stuped….my leader is a old man….
these are not mine….now shut up

4 years 8 months ago


1300000 tomans = 103 us dollars

I think you bought an iranian replicate s3 with ios6 installed not an original samsung s3 with android LOL

4 years 8 months ago

30% percent optimization??! Where did you get this from? I’d be very much surprised if Samsung programmers themselves could pinpoint optimization levels themselves.

20% faster in what? Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably seen online comparisons showing real time use The iphone5 is visibly faster.

Where are you even getting these 20% and 30% figures from??! Looks like you in the business of manufacturing home-made statistics!

At no point did I imply being smart, that is your assumption and I thank you for that.

Benchmarks, not imagination, is how the performance of a device is assessed relative to another/others.

I am not an iphone owner but a disgruntled S3 Galaxy user, despondent at how thoroughly the iphone5 has wiped the floor with my supposedly top-of-the-line device not 2 months after I purchased it.

4 years 8 months ago

How is S Pen doing on Galaxy Note II with Jelly Bean? Deos it still lag or delay?

4 years 8 months ago

iPhone 5
Long time software UPDATE

4 years 8 months ago

…i have some words with samsung mobile….
i have galaxy s3….im from iran and i paid 1300000 tomans….this is a huge money in iran…
but im disapointed…i had galaxy s2…if you install the((super video player)) in youre android phone you can have floating videos…just like galaxy s3
but when i compare this 2 devices together i see same speed…i was thinking that i will sell s2(DUAL CORE 1.2GHz=2.4 GHz)) And i will buy s3((Quad Core 1.4GHz=5.6Ghz))
2.4 comparing with 5.6….in the numbers S3 must be more than 2X faster than S2…but what i see???
same performance…..
why are you using mali-400???
why the CPU dosent work as well as i want???
…..i hate apple but i see apple has beaten my device with just a DUAL Core CPU
these are the real benchmarks of apple iphone 5
….i think i just paid for some software upgradings……
i spend my time to write this…..i want you to answer me…!!!

4 years 8 months ago


Why does it matter how far optimization can take you? As it seems now, optmization is at like 30% for samsung. Horrible port. But this also means that Samsung outperforms apple by 20% even there. (This is counting real applications and not benchmarks). You should know that benchmarks only take use of what the developer tells it to. If it doesn’t support exynos properly, the results will suck ass.

And since you think you’re so smart, you should know that these benchmarks don’t matter even the slightest. Doesn’t matter if iPhone 5 gets 1000 points and S3 gets 200 points.
S3 is still faster and gives a much better performance in games and other apps.

Benchmarks do not tell you how fast or good a phone is. Far from it.
But if you think benchmark performance = actual performance, then enjoy your iPhone. You’ll be better off with a simple thing like that.

USA version: Dual-core
International Version: Quad core

Most of us has the international version, so our benchmarks will naturally be higher.

4 years 8 months ago

t mobile galaxy s3 = 1411.. what is up with that

4 years 8 months ago

GalaxyS2 Jelly Bean, please.

4 years 8 months ago

@jazdevi optimizations to software can only get you so far.
In GL Benchmarks the iPhone5 consistently outperforms the S3 Galaxy by greater then a 100%. In SunSpider it’s more then 50% faster.

Looks like the iPhone5 runs a newer armv7s architecture as opposed to the S3′s armv7.

Essentially the A6 SoC is more advanced design to the A9 Cortex based Exynos. Anandtech goes into considerable detail if you want to check it out. Sad but you can you do?

4 years 8 months ago

Apple still updates the 3GS to iOS6 which is a 3 years old phone.
Samsung dropped the Galaxy S updates after 1 year and a half…
Android has the community, but how reliable are those ROM’s in terms of stability, reliability…
On android forums everywhere is “Rock Stable”, “Final” and after one week becomes “Sand Stable” and you cannot answer a call…
Really tired of all this jokes…

4 years 8 months ago

@sam1010 oh rily gorilla glass 2 is broken on drop test eh?
do enjoy your free iLost and iScratch for your iCrap 5 out of the box.
rofl lmao

4 years 8 months ago

My galaxy SIII have 1807 points with 19300XXLH2

4 years 8 months ago

Optimization issue as GS3 is way more powerful than iPhone 5.

Think of it as AMD drivers. First release you get 30FPS, the next you get 50 FPS. This is kind of what I dislike about Android. But for optimized apps, you can see the GS3 at the top :)

Anyway, better benchmark does not equal faster phone.

4 years 8 months ago

S3 Galaxy iPhone 5
Browsermark: 172,237 191,726
SunSpider:(Lower is Better) 1442.9 908
GL Benchmark 2.5 (Fill Test) 635.3 1650
GL Benchmark 2.5 (Eygpt HD) 13 39

I own an S3 Galaxy (i9300XXLH1) and I must say the results are disappointing.

4 years 8 months ago

1896 on my S3. Everything stock.

4 years 8 months ago

Exynos VS Snapdragon S4 or S4Pro


4 years 8 months ago

Oko yeah quad core vs dual core, and do small diference

4 years 8 months ago

Btw open source its an advantage… Get a s3 running cm9 with franco kernel gpu oc to 600 cpu oc to 1800 and it will blow iphone 5 in every single benchmark.. You can not oc iphone 5? Bad luck that’s what’s open source about

4 years 8 months ago

You can compare it vs the i9300 because iphone 5 outside usa its still the same.. Now s3 its just an piece of junk… The real iphone 5 contender it’s the galaxy note 2

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