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    Confirmed Galaxy SIII will use Exynos 4412 quadcore processor.


    Last updated: March 4th, 2024 at 09:17 UTC+01:00

    According to the Korean Times, a senior manager of Samsung confirmed that the forthcoming Galaxy S III smartphone will have a quad-core processor. Samsung will put its new Exynos processor in its flagship phone.
    The Korean Times claims to have interviewed a senior manager at Samsung  who wants to stay anonymous. According to the manager, Samsung has decided to be less dependent of the chipmaker Qualcomm. And Samsung wants to make more phones with their own Exynos proccesor. Samsung would currently rely on Qualcomm when it comes to peak times of smartphone fabrication.

    The manager also mentioned that the forthcoming Galaxy S III smartphone from Samsung will have the newly developed Exynos 4412 quadcore processor.
    The Exynos 4412, will sport four cores clocked at 1.5GHz to do their work. The cores are baked at 32nm and are therefore much more energy efficient than for example the Nvidia Tegra 3. In addition, the processor will have about 26 percent better performance than its Nvidia competitor. Also, the graphic core performance will be alot better, although the exact figures aren't yet known.
    It is still unclear when the long awaited Samsung smartphone will be announced. Rumors vary between April and May. We think may it is where you could put your money on, because the olympics will be right around the corner,and what better way to promote your Flagship phone when you are the head sponsor of the Olympics and the whole world is watching it.


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