Daily Deal: 11% off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

As we concluded in our review, the Galaxy Tab S5e is an excellent tablet and a value-for-money proposition. It’s got a sleek design and a beautiful AMOLED display for the price of a mid-range tablet, and now, its value proposition has gotten even better thanks to a 11% discount on Amazon. If you were considering buying the Galaxy Tab S5e but haven’t gone through with the purchase yet, this is a good time to finally take the plunge!

Hit the Buy Now button below to grab the Galaxy Tab S5e for the discounted price. Don’t wait too long, however, as stock can run out at any time.

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Still won’t buy this poorly speced, garbage, non-S Pen supporting POS if they discounted it by 100%
Eagerly waiting for the Galaxy Tab S5 with worthy specs and S Pen support.