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    SAMMOBILE’S GALAXY S8 pre-order page

    “Get yourself one of the three free Galaxy S8 and a guaranteed six months premium membership at”

    Wanna get the most out of your Galaxy S8 pre-order? Order it here!


    Thanks to visiting SamMobile you are able to get an extra great pre-order deal. Just follow this;

    1. 1. Scroll down to see the offer(s) available in your country. Open the pre-order page you like.
    2. 2. Follow the pre-order process of your choice and wait for your confirmation e-mail.
    3. 3. Forward your confirmation e-mail to [email protected], along with your username from SamMobile.
    4. 4. If you haven’t got a username? Please get yourself a free membership from SamMobile directly.
    5. 5. By sending your confirmation e-mail plus username we will – within 48 hours – upgrade your membership,  to premium.
    6. 6. Being a premium member automatically qualifies you for one of the three free Galaxy S8. And of course all other benefits of premium membership.

    The prize drawn will be on May 1. All prizewinners will be announced at SamMobile.
    Prize winners will also receive a personal e-mail.

    Having questions about this promotion? Please sent your question to [email protected].

    Q. What does a winner get?
    A. The winner wins the amount of money he or she paid for the Galaxy S8 pre-order.

    Q. Is there only one way to qualify for the SamMobile promotion?
    A. Yes, only by clicking one of the offers(links) below you can qualify. Sending your confirmation e-mail from other sources does not count.

    Q. Is this a pre-order deal from the retailer?
    A. No, this is just an extra gift from SamMobile. See the offers below for their promotion.

    Please note this is a special Galaxy S8 promotion of None of the advertisers are in anyway responsible.