Samsung will release a consumer SSD based on 7th gen V-NAND this year


Last updated: June 8th, 2021 at 19:31 UTC+02:00

Samsung confirmed today that it plans to bring its 7th generation V-NAND solution to the masses in 2021 and release its first consumer SSD based on its 7th gen V-NAND in the second half of the year.

The upcoming SSD will boast the smallest cell size in the industry, thanks to Samsung’s 7th gen V-NAND. The technology can stack 176 layers without increasing the module’s height compared to the 6th generation 100-layer V-NAND solution, as the cell volume in the 7th generation is decreased by up to 35%.

Furthermore, the company claims to have already secured a working chip of its 8th generation V-NAND solution that boasts more than 200 layers. This solution will be brought to the market “in accordance with consumer demand,” but of course, the main focus now is on the expansion of the 7th generation V-NAND to more use cases.

Samsung will optimize the upcoming 7th gen V-NAND SSD for heavy workloads

Samsung’s upcoming 7th gen V-NAND consumer SSD will be a high-end solution, and it sounds a lot like the company is aiming this product at professionals who may be working from home.

The company claims that the SSD will be “optimized for huge multitasking workloads” such as simultaneous video editing and 3D modeling. The company didn’t reveal any capacity options yet.

In addition to this powerful consumer SSD, Samsung also plans on expanding the use of 7th generation V-NAND to data center SSDs. In this area, the company claims that the technology can help reduce power consumption and improve efficiency by 16% compared to the 6th generation V-NAND.

Samsung is aiming for a 1,000+ layer V-NAND

The Korean tech giant is already looking towards the future of V-NAND and is aware that any technology has its limits. There will come a day when V-NAND modules reach their height limit, and Samsung is sure that it will be the first company to overcome these limits through the use of 3D scaling technology.

Samsung believes that V-NAND will eventually evolve to feature more than 1,000 layers, though it will probably take a while to reach this level. Even then, the company claims that it will continue striving to deliver the highest level of reliability industry-wide.

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