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Samsung trademarks ‘Flex G’ dual-folding smartphone-tablet hybrid


Last updated: September 9th, 2022 at 13:48 UTC+02:00

You may or may not recall the Flex G and Flex S concept foldable devices Samsung showcased at CES 2022, but you can find our hands-on video below in case you want to refresh your memory. In short, the Flex S and Flex G are dual-folding phone-tablet hybrid concepts designed by Samsung Display to demonstrate other form factors achievable by foldable technology beyond the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip and book-like Galaxy Z Fold. And if you’re wondering, we’re bringing up these concepts today because Samsung has just trademarked the “Flex G” name in South Korea.

Samsung Display also trademarked the “S Flex” name at KIPRIS last year in July. The Flex G is now joining in, and both names are categorized under the same classification at the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. And the company experimented with even larger foldable devices, such as the Flex Note concept. It is possible that the latter will join the other two other “Flex” devices at KIPRIS soon.

Is Samsung getting ready to release new types of foldable devices?

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip lineups are doing pretty well. The foldable phone era is officially upon us, and the company might be getting ready to expand into the emerging foldable device segment with new form factors. Or it might not. Samsung said it has no plans to release any other foldable devices before it makes sure that the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip lines are successful and well-established. Could that time be now? Only Samsung knows.

There’s also the simple fact that Samsung Display is a different organization than Samsung Electronics, and it’s the Display division that has showcased the Flex S and Flex G concepts and secured the trademarks. In other words, Samsung Display is a business and may want to sell its foldable panels to as many customers as possible. These types of dual-folding panels manufactured by the Display arm could end up being used by other mobile device manufacturers besides Samsung.

Will Samsung unveil the Flex G as a consumer device that we might be able to buy soon? Well, “soon” is open to interpretation, but let’s just say we wouldn’t bet on the Flex G to see the light of day before the end of 2022.

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