Samsung OLED TV reports rubbished by company’s TV boss


Last updated: February 23rd, 2018 at 09:47 UTC+02:00

Samsung hasn’t made a new OLED TV for a few years now and the company has consistently maintained that its QLED technology is better than OLED which rivals like LG have been using for their premium TV sets.

However, it was reported earlier this week that Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jae-yong had ordered a review of the OLED TV business after he was briefed on the current status of each business division. This led to speculation that perhaps we might get to see a new Samsung OLED TV after all this time. Turns out that’s not the case.

Samsung OLED TV reports refuted

Samsung’s TV and display chief Han Jong-hee confirmed to reporters in Seoul that the company has no plans of reviving its OLED TV lineup. “We have no plans to do so. Never,” when asked about the possibility of a new OLED TV at an industry meeting. “We will continue a two-track strategy based on QLED and micro LED,” Jong-hee added.

Even though there’s now an official denial from the company, some media outlets in South Korea are still reporting that Samsung is resuming research for OLED TVs as it faces increasing competition from Chinese manufacturers in the LCD-based TV market. One report even claims that Samsung Display is going to create a new OLED TV team within its LCD TV division which will be staffed by some 300 employees.

For now, though, Samsung is simply reiterating its claims that the QLED technology is better than OLED as its devoid of burn-in issues and can scale cost-effectively for larger screens. It’s interesting to note that Samsung never said that it wouldn’t ever make an OLED TV again.

It has never completely shut the door on this possibility but as things stand, it seems unlikely that we’ll get to see a new OLED TV from Samsung at any point in the near future. It seems like we’ll see many conflicting reports about this possibility down the line.

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