New Samsung OLED TV possible as defunct business being reviewed

Samsung maintains its aversion to OLED displays for TVs even though it’s a leader in the AMOLED display market. The company’s mobile devices come with beautiful AMOLED displays but Samsung has long held that this technology isn’t suited to its TV lineup. If a new report is to be believed, the company might be changing its stance on OLED TVs.

According to a report out of South Korea, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong has ordered a review of the defunct OLED TV business. He was recently briefed on the current status of each business division following his release from prison. Lee has reportedly ordered a review for the OLED TV business which could result in a new Samsung OLED TV being manufactured.

New Samsung OLED TV

Samsung pitches its QLED TVs against OLED TVs by saying that the former is free of burn-in issues and scales cost-effectively for larger screens. It has never outright denied the possibility of ever making another OLED TV, though.

The company has dabbled in OLED TVs in the past. It launched a 55-inch curved OLED model in 2013 but later stopped production of the model.

So why does Samsung suddenly feel the need to revisit OLED for TVs? Perhaps it’s because rival LG has released OLED TVs that have done very well in the market and it made up for the shortcomings that Samsung has long pointed out with proprietary algorithms to ensure good picture quality and lifetime beyond ten years.

Moreover, prices of OLED TVs have been gradually coming down which have enabled LG to record its highest sales ever for premium TVs last year. By keeping itself out of the OLED TV market, Samsung is just conceding ground to its biggest rival in the TV market.

Whether or not this review will result in a new Samsung OLED TV remains to be seen. Even if the company does launch one, we can expect it to continue pushing its QLED TVs alongside the new OLED model as well.

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