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Samsung Malaysia giving Galaxy phones and monitors free with smart TVs


Last updated: August 9th, 2021 at 11:26 UTC+02:00

Samsung Malaysia has an interesting new promotion in store for prospective smart TV buyers. Usually, Samsung likes to throw in an extra peripheral or cash back to drive TV sales, but this time around, it has upped the ante.

One can now get a Galaxy-branded smartphone and a smart monitor with a qualifying Samsung TV purchase in Malaysia. These offers are only valid for certain high-end QLED models part of the Neo QLED lineup.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

Here’s a complete list of smart TVs and the freebies that one can get with them. Do note that there are more eligible models, but we only highlighted some of the more important ones.

Eligible Neon QLED 8K TVs

  • 85-inch QN900A: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra + 32-inch M7 Smart Monitor
  • 75-inch QN900A: Galaxy S21 5G + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 85-inch QN800A: Galaxy S21 5G + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 75-inch QN800A: Galaxy A72 + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 65-inch QN900A: Galaxy A72 + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 65-inch QN800A: Galaxy A22 + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 55-inch QN700A:  M5 Smart Monitor

Eligible Neon QLED 4K TVs

  • 98-inch QN90A: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra + 32-inch M7 Smart Monitor
  • 85-inch QN90A: Galaxy A72 + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 85-inch QN85A: Galaxy A32 + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 75-inch QN90A: Galaxy A22 + 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 75-inch QN85A: Galaxy A02 + 32-inch Smart Monitor
  • 65-inch QN90A: 32-inch M5 Smart Monitor
  • 65-inch QN85A: Galaxy A22
  • 55-inch QN90A: Galaxy A12
  • 55-inch QN85A: Galaxy A02

As you can see above, the value of your freebies is directly proportional to the TV model. Then again, some of the TVs listed above have eye-watering prices, such as the top of the line 85-inch QN900A, which costs RM 49,999 ($11,821). Samsung wouldn’t lose much by throwing in a ~$1,200 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and smart monitor. There are loads of other promotions ongoing on a wide range of Samsung products as well.

Do note that there is a full-fledged registration process that you need to through in order to redeem your goodies. The process is similar to how one redeems pre-order bonuses, but with a few extra steps that involve going to Samsung’s redemption website. You can find out all about it on Samsung’s dedicated landing page.

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