Samsung launches Samsung Mobile Care insurance service in Spain

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of Samsung Mobile Care in Spain. Launched in collaboration with the insurer Allianz Global Assistance, Samsung Mobile Care is a paid smartphone insurance scheme aimed at covering accidental damages for Samsung devices.

Samsung Mobile Care covers accidental damages

Under the scheme, customers can make a single payment of €129 (~$154) or €5.99 (~$7) per month during the 2-year coverage period. For that money, Samsung Mobile Care covers your Samsung smartphones from any physical damage during the plan period. Covered accidental damages include damage to the screen, cracks, breakage of glass, liquid damages etc. Theft and cosmetic damages are not covered under the policy. The plans also offer other benefits, like worldwide coverage when you travel abroad.

The website mentions users can claim for accidental damages twice in the 2-year coverage period. For each of those claims, Samsung charges a deductible of €79 (~94) as a service fee. Users can also request for renewal of the plan after the 2-year coverage period.

Currently, the scheme is applicable only for the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Note8. The plan must be purchased and activated within 30 days from the date of your smartphone purchase.

Samsung already offers a similar insurance scheme in the US under the name Samsung Premium Care. The US plan offers a wide variety of benefits not covered under the standard warranty policy. They include home visits for repair, coverage for accidental damages, and extended warranty. Samsung Premium Care is free for the first month. After the first month, the service costs $11.99 per month. In the US, a customer can get a maximum of 3 accidental damage claims per 12-month period with $99 deductible.

While third-party accidental damage insurance plans were always available in many markets, it is always nice to see the device manufacturer offering the same. Considering how expensive replacing damaged screens for high-end Samsung phones can be, it may be a good investment for people who want complete peace of mind while using their expensive Samsung phones.

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