Samsung Premium Care launched for the Galaxy S8

Samsung has launched the Premium Care enhanced warranty program for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. It has teamed up with HelloTech and Dish in the United States to enable customers to have a service representative meet them at their desired location. The representative can help with setup, troubleshooting, repairs and even replacements all within a few hours.

Bear in mind that the new flagship’s one-year warranty is not extended by Premium Care, rather, it’s enhanced. The program includes accidental damage from spills, drops and cracks aside from normal wear and tear due to daily usage.

Samsung Premium Care offers one business day delivery for replacement devices and users can get up to three per year by paying a $99 deductible every time. HelloTech provides the in-home onboard service for those who need help in figuring out how their Galaxy S8 works.

All those who pre-order the Galaxy S8 in the United States by April 17 can sign up for Premium Care and they will get the first month for free after which the program costs $11.99 per month. It doesn’t require any contracts so Galaxy S8 owners can choose when they would like to have this added layer of protection.


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Banglaz Bless
Banglaz Bless

So I would pay $99 each repair after paying $11.99 monthly? Am I reading this right?


That’s standard insurance practice; pay your monthly price and pay a franchise at every claim…


They seem to have lowered their warranty too. used to be 2 years. for this is now just 1