Samsung is giving away free paint that matches your lifestyle TV

Samsung UK has launched a new promotional campaign for its lifestyle TVs called LivingColour. Samsung’s lifestyle TVs boast a stylish exterior design and they’re meant to blend in with their surroundings, so the company is now addressing the latter part with its LivingColour collection of paint hues created in partnership with color expert Karen Haller.

LivingColour is a promotional campaign hosted at Samsung KX, the same place where you will find Samsung’s 5G bus. The campaign consists of a few demonstration zones at Samsung KX where visitors can experience how the company’s lifestyle TVs The Frame, The Sero, and The Serif can blend in with their environments and become digital art pieces, as long as the colors match.

Samsung isn’t selling you paint. It’s giving it away for free

Color expert Karen Haller has developed two paint shades for each of the aforementioned lifestyle TV models, while artists Kate Watson-Smyth, Yinka Ilori, and Whinnie Williams have contributed to designing the demonstration zones at Samsung KX. The primary color was selected by Karen Haller to match the frame of each TV perfectly, while a complementary color is meant to highlight each TV’s innovative aesthetics.

Frame Beige and Restful Pine were the two colors picked for The Frame, while Serif Cotton Blue and Champagne Bliss are the perfect match for The Serif. Meanwhile, The Sero seemingly looks best against a Sero Navy Blue and Bright Spark background.

Samsung UK is now offering the LivingColour paints to Samsung KX visitors for free. It’s not clear how much paint Samsung is willing to give away to each visitor but it probably is enough to paint a living room. Samsung is offering the paint on a first-come-first-served basis and it doesn’t look as if visitors have to own a lifestyle TV to benefit from this campaign. Nevertheless, supply is limited so you might want to hurry.

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