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    Samsung Flex Note foldable laptop may learn from the Z Fold 5


    Last updated: October 5th, 2023 at 11:16 UTC+02:00

    Samsung's first foldable laptop, likely a long ways away from its market debut, might borrow a design element from the latest Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. A new report says Samsung is considering reusing the waterdrop hinge design for the so-called Flex Note.

    In theory, using a waterdrop hinge reduces a device's thickness, helps make the foldable display crease less visible, and allows the two halves of the foldable device to close without a gap. On paper, it makes sense why Samsung would want to choose a waterdrop-style hinge for the Flex Note.

    However, reports are split between two schools of thought (via The Elec). Some say the company might use the waterdrop hinge for the Flex Note foldable laptop because of the benefits described above, while others suggest that Samsung will stick to a U-shaped hinge for this category of devices.

    The arguments against the waterdrop-style hinge are that it might add weight and that a less visible crease is not a priority for a laptop as much as it is for a foldable smartphone.

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    The Galaxy Flex Note could debut next year

    The Flex Note foldable laptop from Samsung might sound like a pipe dream, but the idea that the Korean tech giant is developing such a device isn't founded on vague trademarks or patent applications. In fact, Samsung demoed a Flex Note prototype a couple of times in the past.

    The company first revealed the Flex Note prototype at CES 2022. Later, it brought the foldable laptop to MWC 2023. It's a 13-inch laptop that can transform into a 17-inch wide monitor when unfolded. You can see it and other foldable concepts in action in our hands-on video above.

    So then, when might Samsung release the Flex Note, with or without a waterdrop-style hinge? Unfortunately, the company might not be in a rush to complete this project due to unfavorable market conditions, and industry watchers speculate that the Flex Note could hit the market in the second half of 2024 at the earliest. That's the best-case scenario, meaning the Flex Note could be pushed back to a 2025 or later release.

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