Samsung’s first rugged 5G phone, the Galaxy Xcover 5, is in development

The Galaxy Xcover 4 / Xcover 4s might finally be getting a direct sequel, and a 5G-enabled one at that. Our friends at GalaxyClub have been gathering evidence on this device, or at the very least, a mysterious upcoming phone that carries model number SM-G501B. The handset in question was recently benchmarked in HTML5TEST running Android 11. And although there’s no guarantee of this, the model number should technically belong to the unannounced Galaxy Xcover 5.

Now, regardless of whether the SM-G501B will be hitting the shelves as the Galaxy Xcover 5 or another name, the model number indicates that the phone does take advantage of 5G connectivity. So far we haven’t found any evidence of a 4G-only variant but if it exists, it should carry model number SM-G500F. Then again, 5G will become a lot more popular in 2021 so perhaps the Galaxy Xcover 5 / SM-G501B will have just the one 5G-enabled variant that will be destined for a worldwide release.

No other details aside from the version of Android OS have been revealed so far. The Galaxy Xcover 5 / SM-G501B appears to be in the early stages of development so a lot can change by the time the phone will be ready to hit the shelves. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more about this upcoming rugged device.

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