Samsung Display launches OLED brand awareness campaign and logo

Samsung Display is launching a new brand awareness campaign with the goal of familiarizing more consumers with its OLED display panels. The campaign spans across 27 countries and brings about a new OLED Provided by Samsung logo. It was trademarked by Samsung in dozens of countries and it will be used across a variety of market segments.

Samsung has been manufacturing OLED technology for the past 14 years and the logo is meant to reflect unparalleled technical expertise in the OLED market as it enters its maturity stage. It should become a badge of trust in the eyes of customers, and it will help them identify products powered by Samsung’s OLED technology with more ease.

As far as the logo’s design story goes, the choice of RGB colors for the rectangular frame is meant to symbolize Samsung’s vision to connect people through vibrant ‘windows.’ Meanwhile, the frame’s rounded corners represent the scalability of Samsung’s OLED designs.

According to Samsung Display Executive Vice President Jeeho Baek, the company wants to aggressively position Samsung OLED technology across various areas moving forward. This year, customers can expect to see the OLED Provided by Samsung logo on products from a variety of segments including laptops, notebooks, gaming consoles, and automotive. The company has already announced new plans for OLED laptops shortly after New Year’s.

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