Samsung has almost finalized its $17 billion semiconductor plant in Austin


Last updated: September 29th, 2021 at 10:37 UTC+01:00

Based on what we know so far, Samsung’s expansion plans in the United States are still all over the place. Rumour had it that Samsung was looking at multiple locations for its $17 billion plant.

Now a new report from Reuters tells us that the company has zeroed in on Texas. Sources familiar with the matter have told the news agency that Samsung is ‘close’ to finalizing the deal with local authorities.

Looks like Samsung might announce its decision soon

Samsung’s decision to stick with Texas makes logistical sense, given that it already has a manufacturing unit in the state. Whether or not it will expand upon its existing infrastructure remains to be seen. However, one source is confident that Samsung has chosen Williamson County in Austin as the location.

We previously learned that Samsung would manufacture some of its 5nm parts in Austin, Texas, very likely at the upcoming location. The 6-million-square-foot plant will reportedly cost upwards of $17 billion and will start producing wafers en-masse sometime in 2024.

While the 5nm node is somewhat cutting-edge today, things will be a lot different in 2024. Under ideal conditions, TSMC’s 2nm node should be operational by that time. Nonetheless, we can expect to see many mid-range smartphone chips and other peripherals use the node.

Samsung is still miles behind TSMC when it comes to market share in the semiconductor market, and it’ll take more than one plant in the United States for it to catch up.

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