3 USA states are hoping for Samsung to invest in their chip infrastructure

The Joe Biden administration is seemingly hell-bent on building a strong chip manufacturing infrastructure in the USA, and as you might already know following recent reports, Samsung is one of the biggest industry players who are strongly considering opening up new semiconductor manufacturing plants on US soil. This has yet to be officially confirmed, but more to the point at hand, Samsung is seemingly undecided as to where it should direct its next wave of investment.

Samsung is expected to announce a 70 trillion won ($62 billion) investment in its chip manufacturing facilities, and a large portion of that sum is reportedly planned for the USA. Some industry watchers believe that Samsung is likely to invest around $17 billion in expanding its facility in Austin, Texas, but other analysts are not so convinced.

Samsung has a choice between three states: Texas, Arizona, and New York

Assuming that Samsung will indeed decide to make massive investments in USA’s chipset infrastructure this year, the company will reportedly have a choice between the states of Texas, Arizona, and New York. The company already has a chip manufacturing plant in Texas, so it would be logical for Samsung to want and invest in its existing facility to improve its production capacity.

On the other hand, Arizona might be on its way to becoming a global semiconductor hub now that TSMC and Intel are building new plants there, so there’s a chance that Samsung may want to invest in Arizona as well. The state government is reportedly offering up to $9,000 in tax credit for every job created over the course of three years.

And finally, New York is looking to become a semiconductor hotspot of its own, as the state has already proposed the largest investment in its history, worth $900 million, should Samsung decides to build a semiconductor plant there.

Samsung has yet to reach a decision as to where its resources should be allocated but industry watchers believe that, given the multiple choices, the company will reveal its plans sooner than initially expected, possibly next month.

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