[Poll] Are you looking forward to Galaxy smartwatches running Wear OS?

Two new Samsung smartwatches are reportedly in the works and they’re expected to go on sale later this year. They could represent an important change in Samsung’s smartwatch manufacturing philosophy, as at least one of them might be powered by Wear OS as opposed to the established Tizen platform.

Indeed, Samsung and Google might have struck a deal pertaining to the Wear OS platform, and future Galaxy smartwatches might run this software as opposed to Tizen OS. This could create a divide between Wear OS enthusiasts and those who swear by Tizen OS, but there are benefits to both platforms.

Tizen OS is great for what it is, and one of its biggest advantages is that it ensures compatibility with a very wide range of Android phones. Its biggest issue, however, is that it lacks the kind of third-party developer support Wear OS has.

In this regard, Tizen OS appears to have plateaued, whereas the Wear OS app ecosystem is growing at a faster rate, comparatively. Then again, Tizen OS enthusiast might be fearing that the switch to Wear OS could cause some compatibility issues with Samsung’s product portfolio, and they’re not very pleased by the idea that Samsung will once again be dependent on Google for its wearable products.

What camp do you find yourself in? If Samsung will switch to Wear OS later this year, would you be happy with this change or will you hope that the company has a Tizen-powered alternative on offer?

Are you looking forward to Galaxy smartwatches running Wear OS?
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