How Bixby will change the way you watch TV

CES 2018 has been full of television related news from Samsung. We were introduced to ‘The Wall’, Samsung’s first modular microLED TV which has a commanding real estate of 146 inches. We were also introduced to the 85-inch QLED Q9S, which boasts unique artificial intelligence technology that upscales any content into 8K. Samsung has now detailed how Bixby, present on select 2018 Smart TVs, will change the way you watch TV.

Bixby Smart TV integration

Bixby’s command-driven interface creates a smarter and simpler approach to controlling not only your TV, but every device within the Internet of Things ecosystem. Instead of having to pick up the remote to change the channel, or walking to the dryer to see how long is left, or find out what’s in the fridge, you can simply command Bixby to do it for you.

This integration will enable seamless transition of video from a Bixby-enabled smartphone directly to the TV. When your favorite show is about to come on, Bixby will then push a notification to your smartphone, and allow you to instantly tune in to the correct channel. Bixby will even help with tasks as simple as weather forecasts.

Samsung has been on a mission to simplify the entire TV viewing experience, and this only further supports that narrative. In 2017, we saw the release of the One Remote Control with minimal buttons. With Bixby Smart TV integration, Samsung has made it simpler to control the TV experience.

All in all, keep in mind this will only be available for select 2018 Smart TVs, which have not been outlined yet.

Let us know below if you plan on purchasing a 2018 Smart TV for this new capability alone!



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It appears to be great and everything, but they’re promising too much with Bixby, they need to get the language recognition and command processing down to an instant response before making stuff like this. you can use Bixby to control the TV but at the rate Bixby listens and processes commands, its quicker to just use the remote control or your phone. And PLEASE, add support for more languages, I finally got Chinese as an option on my device, but why they haven’t got UK and other English.

Allyn K C
Allyn K C

They have a great vision for Bixby. But the current state of the actual implementation leaves much to be desired. It’s hard to get caught up in their Bixby hype anymore, after past disappointments and shortcomings.

As long as I can turn off Bixby and keep it from getting in the way, their TVs and phones are some of the best for the home.

Robert Mahoney
Robert Mahoney

I love all things Samsung, but Bixby better improves before it attempts to venture out into this market.


Yeah, and unlock with the voice password for Bixby is messed up worldwide