Good Lock to support mysterious Multi Sound feature on Galaxy Note 10

A possible new Good Lock feature that may be introduced on the Galaxy Note 10 has been revealed by the changelog for the latest update for Good Lock’s MultiStar plugin. The changelog mentions that the update adds something called ‘Multi Sound’ and that this feature will be supported on “restricted models (like upcoming note10) with certain frameworks versions and later.” There’s no information on what Multi Sound is, so we will have to turn to a bit of guesswork.

As the name suggests, Multi Sound sounds like it will let audio from two apps play at the same time when they’re used in Multi Window mode. However, this is already possible with MultiStar once the option to run Multi Window apps without pausing is enabled, so we’re not sure what Multi Sound will bring to the table. Perhaps it will add the ability to adjust the individual volumes for each app in Multi Window mode – you can already set volumes for individual apps in Samsung’s Sound Assistant app, and maybe Multi Sound will incorporate that functionality within MultiStar.

Again, this is all guesswork, and there’s no way of knowing without further details from the app’s developers and without running MultiStar on a Galaxy Note 10. It’s worth noting that Good Lock and its plugins are not available in every country, so even if Multi Sound turns out to be a useful feature, not everyone who buys the 10 will be able to access it officially from Samsung’s Galaxy Store. That doesn’t mean they won’t be able to access it all, though – they would just need to download the APK files for Good Lock and its plugins from our APK database and install them manually.

What do you think Multi Sound could be?

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