PSA: Galaxy Z Fold 2 eSIM functionality will be enabled with an update

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 went on sale globally today, but some pre-order customers have been using it for a few days already. And many of them have been wondering: Where can they find the eSIM option on their new foldable? The Z Fold 2, like the Galaxy Fold, comes with one physical SIM slot and an embedded SIM, but as owners of the device have realized, the latter isn’t actually available for use.

Well, we can confirm that eSIM functionality is indeed missing on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 out of the box, but don’t worry: Samsung has confirmed to us that it will be enabling the eSIM option on its new foldable with a software update.

No ETA yet for the update

We haven’t been told when that software update will arrive, but we can only hope Samsung will roll it out as soon as possible, because anyone who uses two different carriers or was using an eSIM previously before they upgraded to the Z Fold 2 is currently in a bind. Not to mention that the ability to connect to a mobile network is basic stuff that everyone expects to just work on a smartphone, whether it’s an affordable one or one that costs $1999.

We’ll be sure to let you know once Samsung releases the said software update for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. In the meantime, if you already have the big, bold and beautiful foldable in your possession, be sure to leave a comment and tell us how your experience has been so far, the missing SIM functionality notwithstanding.

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  • As I said in a previous post, the software is not optimized yet. I can not update my apps through Google Play Store in the front screen. The information displayed is all wrong. Also, the way you manage your apps and folders on the external screen is linked to the internal one. But as they don't have the same size, you don't want to use the same display grid on both. But you are forced to for now. Another thing is the weight. This baby is heavy and you can feel it. Otherwise, I haven't been using it much as the esim is not there yet and cases are sold out everywhere or not yet available. I bought the black version and it is slippery as hell! So a case is definitely needed. What a lame launch from Samsung. Stuck with my Note 20 Ultra in the meantime ;)

    • Yeah I've been using my Note 20 Ultra waiting for my Fold. I customized the hinge so it's not coming for another couple of weeks. Hopefully by then the update will be here. I've got the case I ordered with it already just sitting over here lonely lol

  • I also got confirmation with Samsung today that it will be enabled later without any ETA.
    "There I am again, I got a response from the specialist. He has said there will be an update in a few days to fix this problem. There is a bug in the software, and it has something to do with the Qualcomm Chip. So I assume this problem will be fixed soon. "
    Even in Website they have mentioned the esim functionality, which was missing earlier so.

  • Bonjour , je possède ce tel depuis 2 jours , pas encore bien habitué a cette nouvelle façon d' utiliser un pliable , mais la qualité est la , la technique aussi et je ne doute pas que les mises a jours viendrons peaufiner ce magnifique smartphone .

  • Superbe téléphone, rien à dire. Agréablement surpris par la bonne autonomie de la batterie.

    Il y a par contre 2 problèmes embêtants:

    - l'écran non déplié est très étroit pour taper à une main sur le clavier et ouvert, il est trop grand.

    - le lecteur d'empreinte est très mal situé et requière l'ouverture de l'écran, ce qui est très ennuyant