Galaxy S10 prices dropped, new software features coming soon

If you’re not a big fan of Samsung’s latest flagship phones or you’re looking for a more affordable high-end solution then you’re in for a treat, as the launch of the Galaxy S20 series has brought along hefty discounts for the Galaxy S10 lineup in the USA. If the lower price tags are not enough to convince you that last year’s flagships are still worth it then perhaps the upcoming software features will.

Samsung USA has dropped the prices for the unlocked Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ with 128GB of storage down to $549, $699, and $799, respectively. That’s a $200 price cut from the original launch price on all three devices.

The same $200 discount also applies to the 256GB Galaxy S10e, which is now available for $649. More so, prospective buyers residing in the USA can combine this discount with a special holiday offer and get the 512GB Galaxy S10 or the 1TB Galaxy S10+ for the low price of only $699 or $899, respectively. For the time being, these price cuts appear to be available only stateside but Samsung will likely bring similar offers in other markets soon.

This discount is not the only good thing going for the Galaxy S10 series following Unpacked in San Francisco. As usual, the existing flagship phones will be enriched with new Galaxy S20 software features via future firmware updates. Samsung has yet to reveal what these additions consist of, but we expect camera features such as the Pro video mode to eventually become available on last year’s flagship series. We’ll keep you posted.


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Just give us improved zoom, improved night mode and single take feature for camera.
Current zoom algorithm is really bad on s10.


S20 will get second major Android update 12-14 months from today. Then Samsung will say ‘your phone is old’.


Well… derp… 12-14 months from now, it WILL BE OLD!