Experience Stores in Malaysia shut down after coronavirus lockdown

The 2020 Malaysia Movement Control Order was implemented on March 16 as a preemptive measure to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and Samsung Electronics has done its part by closing down all of its Experience Stores nationwide.

The company announced that all of its 68 Experience Stores in Malaysia will be temporarily shut down, but they should, in theory, reopen on March 31. This decision won’t be entirely in Samsung’s hands, evidently, and whether or not the stores will be reopened at the end of the month will depend on how the coronavirus pandemic will continue to evolve. Samsung states that it will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates accordingly.

Fortunately, as in most other cases including in Canada and the United States, Samsung’s online operations will remain open in Malaysia. Fans of the brand who might want to acquire the latest Galaxy S20 flagship or pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip can still do so unhindered.

However, Samsung didn’t touch on the ongoing Galaxy S20 in-store promotion in its latest announcement, and it’s unclear how it will fulfill these orders now that Malaysia is in lockdown because of the coronavirus. For readers who might not be aware, Malaysian customers could get a 128GB microSD card and a Wireless Charging Pad for free along with their flagship phones from ‘participating outlets,’ i.e., physical retail stores, between March 6-31.

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