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    [Updated] Exclusive: Affordable Galaxy Note headed to Europe in black and red


    Last updated: October 16th, 2019 at 12:32 UTC+02:00

    Update: Samsung now has a silver version of the phone in the works as well. Whether more colors will join the list in the future remains to be seen, but it sure looks like the company isn't going to limit consumers as far as color choices are concerned for the lower-priced Note.

    Original story follows

    An affordable Galaxy Note smartphone that isn't a flagship is an idea that doesn't sit well with everyone. Some Galaxy Note fans feel that more than just a single Note flagship that has it all only serves to dilute the brand. But, as smartphone prices continue to rise, Samsung made the decision to launch two Galaxy Note models this year.

    The regular Galaxy Note 10 is aimed at newcomers who want to check out the S Pen experience, but at $950, it's not an affordable device by any stretch of the imagination. However, we learned recently that an affordable, possibly mid-range Galaxy Note smartphone could be on the cards. Now, we have discovered that this device is headed to the European continent in two color options: black and red. We wish we could reveal more, but that's the only information we have been given at this time.

    What is this affordable Galaxy Note you speak of?

    As we had revealed earlier, this mysterious new Galaxy Note smartphone has the model number SM-N770F, and with Note flagships sporting model numbers in the SM-N9xxx range, one can only surmise that the SM-N770F is a cheaper Note smartphone. Samsung has released a mid-range Note smartphone once before: That was the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, which featured model number SM-N750F and was based off the Galaxy Note 3's design.

    And the SM-N770F might just be a spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Perhaps a Galaxy Note 10 Neo or Galaxy Note 10 Lite that Samsung hopes will capture audiences that aren't willing to pay the price that a flagship Galaxy Note commands? It's possible, and it will be very interesting to see which direction Samsung is taking its Note series to if the SM-N770F is indeed part of the Galaxy Note family.

    Does the idea of a mid-range Galaxy Note phone that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket appeal to you?