Bundled Galaxy Buds further sweeten Galaxy Fold pricing

We’ve already laid out some reasons for why we don’t think the Galaxy Fold is overpriced, and here’s something else that we think further sweetens the deal: The Galaxy Fold comes with Samsung’s new AKG-tuned wireless earbuds in the box. Now, since the Galaxy Fold doesn’t support a headphone jack, you could say that it would have been a problem if Samsung wasn’t bundling free wireless earbuds with its foldable smartphone. That doesn’t change the fact that the Galaxy Fold’s $1980 price tag doesn’t just include the phone itself.

If you go out to buy just the Galaxy Buds, you’re looking at spending around $129.99 in the US. Samsung did give away free Galaxy Buds with Galaxy S10 pre-orders, but bundling what are its most premium wireless earbuds yet with the foldable smartphone is something the company didn’t have to do. Sure, the retail price of the Galaxy Buds is going to be higher than what it will cost for Samsung to bundle the earbuds with every Galaxy Fold right out the gate, but even if the Buds cost $50, it’s good to see the Korean giant decided not to ask consumers to shell out extra money for wireless earbuds — whether they are made by Samsung or are third-party alternatives.

No additional purchase required after you buy the Galaxy Fold

And let’s not forget that the Galaxy Fold also comes with a case in the box, so once you spend two thousand bucks on Samsung’s foldable smartphone, you won’t have to make any additional purchases. Of course, we aren’t saying you should go ahead and order a Galaxy Fold. We don’t think the reported display issues are that big of a deal, but we would advise waiting for our review of the device before making a decision. $1980 is a lot of money after all, and we won’t claim that it’s a good idea to spend that money (or not spend it) without using the Galaxy Fold for a couple of weeks at the very least.

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