Galaxy Note 9 sales cross 1 million units in South Korea

Samsung has revealed today that the Galaxy Note 9 sales have crossed 1 million units in South Korea. The company has a lot riding on this product. It didn’t get as good of a response with the Galaxy S9/S9+ as it may have hoped. It acknowledged as much earlier this year when the mobile division’s earnings reflected sluggish high-end sales.

The Galaxy Note 9 was supposed to improve the figures for the mobile division. That will only become obvious once the company releases its full earnings report for the quarter. It has mentioned today, though, that over 1 million units of this device have been sold in South Korea.

Galaxy Note 9 sales in South Korea

The Galaxy Note 9 arrived a couple of weeks earlier than its predecessor. So while it has hit 1 million units sold in 54 days after launch, the Galaxy Note 8 did that in 48 days. To be fair the situation was a bit different for the Galaxy Note 8. It represented a comeback for Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup and was also the first new device of its kind in almost two years.

Samsung has obviously sold many more units of the Galaxy Note 9 across the globe. The device has been generally well received. It hasn’t provided the entire sales figures so it’s difficult to ascertain just how many units it has been able to sell.

The company has also introduced new color options in select markets to reignite consumer interest in its flagship. We can expect it to offer promotions going forward in order to move more units. The Galaxy Note 9 is undoubtedly one of the best Android smartphones on the market right now so Samsung will continue to sell many more units in the months to come.

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