Galaxy Note 9 S Pen remote features will soon be available in other apps

The S Pen remote features on the Galaxy Note 9 are made possible by Bluetooth support. It’s the first stylus from Samsung to feature a Bluetooth Low-Energy module and antenna. This enables the S Pen to double as a remote control within a 10-meter radius of the device.

It works with native apps so the S Pen can be used to click photos, play/pause music and videos or even as a click during presentations. Samsung did say that it would provide developers with an SDK so that they can bring S Pen remote features to their apps. The SDK is available now.

S Pen remote features in third-party apps

We already have a detailed guide on how to select what a single and double press of the S Pen does in supported apps. The guide will also teach you how to launch an app by holding down the S Pen. The same method can also be used to launch various S Pen functions such as live messages.

The Bluetooth S Pen’s compatibility has largely been limited to native apps so far. Samsung did say when the Galaxy Note 9 was launched in August that it would open the S Pen SDK to developers. This will enable compatibility with countless third-party apps. The company also wants business customers to utilize this feature for their applications.

Developers will now be able to add S Pen remote features to their apps using the recently launched SDK. It’s accessible from Samsung’s developer website. You can expect more apps to support the S Pen remote in the coming weeks.

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