A new video from Samsung shows how the Galaxy Note 9 is made in its factories

The Galaxy Note 9 may be an incremental upgrade, but it still packs a ton of tech inside. It has specs that are comparable to even many laptops. Yet, all of this comes in a sleek and shiny package that fits into your pocket. Have you ever wondered how Samsung makes millions of these sophisticated devices with such finesse and consistency?

Samsung has posted a video offering a sneak peek into the steps and processes involved in making the Galaxy Note 9 in its factories. The first thing that is evident from this brief factory tour is the extent of automation involved in making the new Note device (or any modern-day smartphone). Perhaps, it is what makes these devices so polished, consistent, and mostly defect-free.

Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale tomorrow

Unfortunately, the video is not very long and doesn’t go into any details about the steps and automation involved, but it still offers a glimpse of the whole process.

The Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale tomorrow in many markets around the world. You can read our review of the device to know what the latest flagship from Samsung brings to the table.

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