LG Display to supply Samsung with 65- and 75-inch LCD panels this month

Samsung will take delivery of a batch of 65- and 75-inch LCDs from LG Display later this month, according to The Korea Herald, marking the start of a new partnership between the two giants, following a supply cut by Sharp last year.

It was widely believed that LG would take over from where Sharp left off, mass-producing ultra-high-resolution 40-inch panels for use in Samsung’s high-end, moderately-sized Smart TVs – but clearly that isn’t the case.

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“We have decided to supply 65- and 75-inch panels from later this month,” an LG Display official told Korean digital publication ET News. “We are discussing ways to secure stable supplies as part of our long-term partnership.”

Samsung has received a lot of criticism for its QLEDs

It’s hardly surprising that Samsung has decided to source its supersized panels from a third-party manufacturer. It’s received a lot of criticism for its in-house QLEDs, while LG’s LCD-based technology has stood the, albeit short, test of time.

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