LG Display to supply Samsung with 65- and 75-inch LCD panels this month

Samsung will take delivery of a batch of 65- and 75-inch LCDs from LG Display later this month, according to The Korea Herald, marking the start of a new partnership between the two giants, following a supply cut by Sharp last year.

It was widely believed that LG would take over from where Sharp left off, mass-producing ultra-high-resolution 40-inch panels for use in Samsung’s high-end, moderately-sized Smart TVs – but clearly that isn’t the case.

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“We have decided to supply 65- and 75-inch panels from later this month,” an LG Display official told Korean digital publication ET News. “We are discussing ways to secure stable supplies as part of our long-term partnership.”

Samsung has received a lot of criticism for its QLEDs

It’s hardly surprising that Samsung has decided to source its supersized panels from a third-party manufacturer. It’s received a lot of criticism for its in-house QLEDs, while LG’s LCD-based technology has stood the, albeit short, test of time.



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I myself own SUHD TV from LG, however I never heard about any kind of major criticism on Samsung SUHDs/QLEDs. I decided not to buy Samsung SUHD just becase I considered it to be too pricy for me. Can someone explain what the criticism in this article is about?


I’m not actually sure what the criticism is either. My QLED is absolutely beautiful.. Even in bright sunlight you don’t need to close the curtains to see the picture perfectly. The LG is actually very good too, but not quite as good in bright light. Anyway you cannot go wrong with either brands. I also have an LG SUHD in the kitchen… They’re the two best on the market, though you’re right QLED is expensive. Maybe that’s the criticism as I cannot personally criticise it for any reason so far.

Horus Osiris

QLED is superb, and it is going to be much better in the next generation


Good to see them working together.. I have a Samsung QLED and an LG OLED. I cannot complain about either. Great TVs. Maybe Samsung could supply Amoled screens for LG phones. It would be great for both companies.