Samsung is getting serious about artificial intelligence

Samsung has already started dropping hints that artificial intelligence might be front and center on its upcoming flagship smartphone. The company is actually getting quite serious about artificial intelligence. Samsung confirmed today that it’s creating a new research center for advancing AI technology.

The company hasn’t said where this artificial intelligence research center will be located. However, it did confirm that it’s going to be a joint research facility under the mobile and consumer electronics divisions. Those are two of the three main divisions of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s artificial intelligence research center

The new artificial intelligence research center is going to be led by HS Kim, the chief of the company’s consumer electronics division. Young Sohn, Samsung’s chief strategy officer, will get a “strengthened” role to find new business areas for all business groups.

It’s pertinent to mention here that Sohn was the one who led Samsung’s $8 billion acquisition of Harman International last year.

Like big data, artificial intelligence is a key avenue of future growth that Samsung appears to be keen on exploring. It has also been investing in hardware companies that have experience developing co-processors for AI. Some reports suggest that the Galaxy S9 might actually feature a separate chip for AI functions.

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