Samsung Rewards is really what’s driving Samsung Pay growth in the US

The Samsung Rewards program was launched in the United States in November last year. Samsung launched the rewards program ahead of the holiday shopping season. It’s been a year since the program was launched and Samsung Rewards has proven to be a success. It’s actually what has been driving growth for Samsung Pay in the United States.

Samsung Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards users for how often they use Samsung Pay at checkout. It’s similar to a points-based credit card rewards program. Users earn reward points every time they make a purchase using Samsung Pay.

The program has since been integrated into Bixby, Samsung Health and Samsung Internet. It allows users to earn points by completing tasks in Bixby, tracking health and browsing the web. Samsung Rewards now works with Samsung Shop as well. It will be supported on in the coming days as well.

Samsung Rewards

The latest insights reveal that Samsung Rewards sees 25 percent growth every month. More than one million new users joined the rewards program in the US this past week alone.

While growth for other mobile payment services has been stagnant in the country, Samsung Pay continues to gain ground. The rewards program has contributed to 49 percent of Samsung Pay’s growth since Samsung Rewards was launched.

Samsung GM Nana Murugesan said that the program has helped provide a “significant increase” in the adoption of the company’s mobile payments service.

The rewards program encourages repeat purchases. Samsung Pay sees 1.3 monthly transactions per card on average compared to 0.6 for Apple Pay and 0.7 for Android Pay.

It also helps that Samsung Pay supports MST. It’s the technology that enables conventional card readers to accept mobile payments via Samsung Pay.

To celebrate the first birthday of Samsung Rewards, the company is hosting an instant-win opportunity for users. The promotion runs through December 31 and will hand out prizes to one million winners.

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