Samsung’s releasing a set of S Pen-inspired ringtones for the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has teamed up with three musicians—a self-proclaimed “pen beater,” a world-class beatboxer and an acclaimed producer—to release a collection of S Pen-inspired ringtones for the Galaxy Note 8.

“Each of the collaborating artists brings to the table a diverse set of skills that, when harmonised, create sounds that are reflective of multifaceted millennials,” explains the firm in a post on its Newsroom.

There are a total of five new tones, which can be used as either ringtones or notification chimes: Beatbox, Bubble Beat, Happy Jungle, Kitchen Mix and Pen Beats. You can listen to them all here, though you’ll probably want to turn down your volume.

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Bubble Beat, Happy Jungle and Kitchen Mix were created using 2 Tak’s melodic beatboxing, Tucker’s instrumentals and Jinyoung’s dynamic pen beating, while Beatbox and Pen Beats feature solos from two artists.

Where can I download the ‘Pen and Beats’ playlist?

The Pen and Beats playlist will be available to download from Galaxy Apps later this week.

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