Samsung Internet update to bring new ‘Smart Go Next’ feature for better form navigation

Samsung is working on a new feature for its Internet application, its in-house browser that’s based on Google’s open-source Chromium platform, that’ll make data-entry a breeze. Dubbed ‘Smart Go Next,’ the tool transforms your keyboard’s Enter key into a Go button when you’re entering information into a form, so you can easily submit it.

The feature automatically changes the Go button into a Next key while you’re filling in a form, thus preventing you from accidentally submit it, explains Samsung, adding that Smart Go Next is essentially an extension to the existing Smart Form Navigation feature, which enhances the keyboard by including Previous and Next buttons on the top.

Smart Go Next will also make its way to Chrome for Android

Those who prefer Google Chrome for Android will be pleased to hear that Smart Go Next is also coming to the client—and that’s because it’s baked into Chromium 62. We’re still waiting to find out exactly when Samsung will launch the feature, but it’s safe to assume that it will start rolling out later this month.


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Big Dre
Big Dre

Only up date I’m waiting on is October patch still on August patch with Note 8 smh come samsung


Will this still work for the Google keyboard?