Samsung will recycle recalled Galaxy Note 7s to recover 157 tons of rare metals

There was a lot of pressure on Samsung following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7 to limit the environmental impact of it all. The company addressed those concerns by releasing a refurbished variant of the Galaxy Note 7 that it calls the Galaxy Note FE. The refurbished variant is essentially the same device with a smaller battery.

Samsung said that it was going to recycle a certain number of recalled Galaxy Note 7s as well. It’s not going to sell all of them as refurbished units. Some will be stripped of their metals and sent for recycling.

The company today revealed that it expects to recover 157 tons of rare metals from the remaining Galaxy Note 7 units. These rare metals include gold as well.

Samsung is going to strip components like the memory chips, OLED display modules and camera modules from the Galaxy Note 7 and will either reuse them for repairs or recycle them. Rare metals like copper, cobalt and gold will be recovered during the recycling process.

The company says that the rest of the Galaxy Note 7 units will enter the recycling process later this month. Samsung is going to work with domestic and foreign companies to extract the metals and recycle the parts.

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