Samsung slaps its branding on Harman International’s logo

It would appear that Samsung really wants consumers to know it has acquired Harman International as it’s plastered its branding all over the firm’s corporate logo. Business Korea believes that the new emblem will help emphasize that Harman isn’t only an audio company any more; it also designs and produces IoT solutions.

Don’t expect to see Samsung’s logo added to all of Harman’s subsidiaries, though. The South Korean company has decided to leave them as they are, and is instead targeting the corporate market as it’s under the impression that including its branding on Harman International’s emblem will introduce a new level of confidence from investors.

“It has become possible to think bigger since we became a member of Samsung Electronics,” said Sandra Rowland, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Harman International on March 13. “Thanks to the use of Samsung Electronics’ balance sheet, we no longer have to go to the money market,” she added.

Under Samsung’s wing, Harman is reportedly developing automotive equipment, alongside a slew of new audio and IoT products. Unfortunately, pretty much everything is kept under heavy lock and key to avoid corporate espionage, so we don’t have any solid details about what exactly it’s working on.

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Hopefully, Samsung won’t just focus on auto. The home audio brands at Harman are super stagnant right now.