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Samsung to detail a new version of Tizen at the Tizen Developers Conference

Samsung will detail a new version of its Tizen operating system at the Tizen Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, May 16. The OS — dubbed Tizen RT — is believe to be a slimmed-down version of Tizen, designed exclusively for vacuum cleaners, washing machines and a slew of other household appliances.

In addition to providing details about Tizen RT at the conference, the South Korean company is expected to share the release schedule for the OS, in addition to holding workshops for developers, explaining how to deploy and maintain the release across different devices.

Online publication PCWorld believes that Samsung will also use the Tizen Developers Conference as a platform to highlight important information about Tizen 4.0; due to be released in September for compatible smartphones, smartwatches and, of course, TVs.


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