Samsung may not shutdown outdated LCD production lines just yet

Samsung has reportedly decided to delay its planned shutdown of outdated LCD production lines as it seeks to address the LCD panel shortage that it has been facing. LG’s display-making affiliate has reportedly taken the same decision as Samsung will now be sourcing LCD panels from LG Display. The two companies had also planned to shift some of those lines to OLED product but that appears to have been delayed as well.

Samsung Display was reportedly going to shutdown three outdated LCD production lines this year. It was even believed to be in talks with companies that disassemble and sell heavy equipment. It may have even been looking to sell one of its lines to a Chinse display manufacturer.

Things took a turn when Foxconn acquired Sharp, Samsung’s biggest supplier of LCD panels, and Sharp said that it would no longer supply the panels to Samsung. Another supplier, Sakai, also stopped supplying panels abruptly as it wanted to focus on its own TV venture.

Samsung then had to turn to LG Display in order to counter the supply shortage that it immediately faced. Since the company still has ample demand for LCD panels, both LG Display and Samsung have reportedly decided to not shutdown their outdated production lines until the situation improves or more suppliers come on board.

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