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Hands-on Samsung’s C-Lab project: TraVRer

Samsung is showcasing some new C-Lab projects at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. SamMobile paid a visit to check out the new projects at MWC 2017. The four projects it’s demonstrating are called: Relumino, TraVRer, Monitorless and VuildUs.

In this post we’ll be taking an in-depth look at TraVRer.

What is TraVRer?
TraVRer Gear VR is an application that is also suitable for the Gear 360. TraVRer will literally put you on the map.

How does it work?
TraVRer is an application that remembers where you made your Gear 360 video based on GPS location, and it also stores the weather information. Imagine walking through your favorite street in your town or city. You made a video of this with the Gear 360 and with the TraVRer app. Then the GPS records the route you’ve walked and marks this with a red line on the map. The funny thing about this is that you are pretty much creating your own Google Street View.


Did TraVRer impress us?
We were reasonably impressed, making private Gear 360 videos is something we obviously already know. The nice thing about this application is of course that you can now, with the help of Google Maps, see where and of which part you have created your own 360 video.

However, the question remains whether this application is going to be widely used. Google Street View already offers a similar view at this time, but at a much larger scale. What is nice is that when you’re using the Gear VR with TraVRer you can relive your own holiday memories and that you are actually building a private Google Street View using the Gear 360.

When can we expect the project?
The team behind TraVRer is already far with their software, but they could not tell whether it will come to the market. The concept is good enough and it looks really cool.


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