[Update: Galaxy S7 too] 98MB stability update rolling out to the Galaxy S7 edge in the UK

After a 15.31MB bug-fixing update was rolled out last week to the Nougat-powered Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) and Galaxy S7 edge (SM-G935F) in the UAE, Samsung has started rolling out an update for the BTU (unlocked) model in the UK. This time, the update — firmware versions G930FXXU1DQB3 and G935FXXU1DQB3 — has a file size of 98.11MB, and it includes bug fixes as well as stability and performance improvements.

The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge started receiving the stable build of Android 7.0 last month in the UK, which brought a lot of new features including improved Always On Display mode, improved quick setting toggles, Nougat multi-window support, Blue Light Filter, Samsung Pass, and more. You can check out our comprehensive list of Nougat features for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935FXXU1DBQ3 Software Update

Thanks for the tip, Abid!

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1 day 4 hours ago

I’m waiting for update to Android 7.0 for the Galaxy S7 no Italian brand are we kidding from 2.20.2017 which already had to be you released only one brand for H3G ridiculous you do not keep what you say, as always, because everything had to be done within 26 this month from 28 as give us a DATA SICURAAAAA !!!!!!!

7 days 10 hours ago

Anyone with Three UK S7/S7 Edge phones!!! The nougat has finally been released. It’s 1308.58MB and now supports native wifi calling.

15 days 1 hour ago

Can i flash thailand THL firmware on my s7 malaysia XME region?thre got same csc OLB.

Ateeb imam
15 days 15 hours ago

Hello everyone! I have a question
After flashing my phone with the new nougat update will I lose my imei?I have heard that the phone wont display the imei number.

15 days 23 hours ago

just received it last night but….It seems a little bit laggy and I hope Sammy will not try to make it slower because the S8 like it done in the past…and I don’t understand why they don’t bring the February Security Patch anyway…

16 days 23 minutes ago

Hi! I live in Uzbekistan, regional code CAC, can i setup Britain’s (btu) firmware? My phone is s7 edge, (735f), and in Britain’s firmware has Russian language? Thanks

17 days 10 hours ago

con esta actualización mi batería dura menos no era que cuando recibí la primera actualización

18 days 13 hours ago

battery drain from hell, much better on beta :/

19 days 17 hours ago

Hopefully this is a good sign that Samsung has worked out the kinks enough where they are willing to dump the upgrade out to carrier variants…

19 days 20 hours ago

The S7 will be my last Samshit phone
My next phone will be an Iphone
With Apple, the phone is maintained for several years and we receive updates quickly

6 days 6 hours ago

>braindead stinkdian

16 days 23 hours ago

That’s awesome, waiting for aplaus? The only reason that iPhone is updated so often is that every update you get there is something wrong. It’s not the point to update and fu** smth up all the time so you have to fix it every 2 weeks. Enjoy your iPhone!

19 days 20 hours ago

a la espera de la actualización en cada cuerpo de ella. he S7 EDGE desbloqueado aún en marcha 6.0.1 (G935FXXU1BPLB / G935FUUB1BPL4 / G935FXXU1BPJJ) cuando voy a recibir la actualización del teléfono uk

19 days 20 hours ago

still waiting for update every body on about it . i have s7 EDGE unlocked still running 6.0.1 (G935FXXU1BPLB/G935FUUB1BPL4/G935FXXU1BPJJ) when will i get the update phone uk

andy jones
19 days 21 hours ago

still waiting for update every body on about it . i have s7 unlocked still running 6.0.1 (G930FXXU1BPL2/G930FXEU1BPK3/G930FXXU1BPJJ) when will i get the update phone bought sim free carphone warehouse uk

20 days 59 minutes ago

Ok one question..if is provided that delay update so if i change provider for example to vodafone germany they send me update ?

20 days 13 hours ago

Just updated and yeah Facebook updates like others have said but I never had Facebook on my phone in the first place. Also the security patch is still January. Hope they don’t start slacking on these again because the S8 is around the corner.
UPDATE: Facebook is stuck on the phone… for some reason it’s now permanent bloatware.

20 days 17 hours ago

Facebook updated and installed perfectly fine after OTA update. I admire the impatient comments regarding 7.0 update. So many tears seem to wept onto keyboards. I suggest for those waiting for 7.0 to flash the up Rom via odin. You’ll have it within the hour . Head to firmware section people. Rather easy and you’d be proud of yourself once you’ve done so.

20 days 18 hours ago

Install the update, now i can´t uninstall Facebook app

20 days 20 hours ago

Just great. People are getting fixes to their Nougat update and most of us (even with an unlocked phone) are stuck on 6.0.1. Absolutely fantastic Samsung.

20 days 18 hours ago

Lol. It’s your service provider that hasn’t pushed the update to your handset. Samsung have already completed nougat and passed that onto then to fill the Rom with you service providers apps and start up logos etc. If your that impatient I suggest flash 7.0 with Odin.

20 days 15 hours ago

There are dozens of Samsung unlocked handsets in all countries (except the UK, Germany, France, Singapore, South Korea and India) where Samsung has not released the Nougat update.

20 days 23 hours ago

flipboard is removed…now they use the usless upday..

20 days 23 hours ago

Hi everyone! I update with odin, and then I get a security update?

20 days 21 hours ago

You will my friend. I did the same thing and just got the update 5 minutes ago. Go to your settings and check for software updates. Most likely it is there already.

20 days 23 hours ago

by OTA

Haitham Shawwa
20 days 23 hours ago

I receive has not yet

21 days 46 minutes ago

Updated this patch this morning. I’m sure it has some changes or fixes somewhere. I’m yet to discover them

20 days 21 hours ago

the multitasking is better

21 days 55 minutes ago

Srsly? UK gets another software update and rest of us have to still use 6.0.2…

20 days 13 hours ago

Flash it with a BTU using odin. Then you’ll have these updates too.

20 days 23 hours ago

Yes. When you buy unlocked devices for a market that Samsung always gives priority to you get things earlier. This has been the same since the s1. It’s not secret. Tantrums won’t change that

Next time buy an unlocked phone

20 days 21 hours ago

My phone is unlocked. I know it will not change anything, but this is small things that make ppl move to apple or now next year I might get pixel 2? who knows.