Samsung reportedly confused by Trump’s ‘thank you’ tweet

President Trump was quick to take to Twitter to thank Samsung after a report surfaced online claiming that the firm is planning to build a plant in the United States to manufacture home appliances. However, it would appear that company officials are a little confused by the tweet as they’re still yet to reply.

Speaking to Korean publication The Investor, an industry official said, “We feel pressured for (President Trump) thanking Samsung because nothing has been decided yet, but it could give the wrong impression that Samsung may have done something (as he wished).

He then reportedly went on to add that “new investment plans like building factories take considerable time to review. But with the President making such a comment first, we could be viewed as withdrawing from a plan that we haven’t even decided yet.”

Samsung was quick to issue an official statement following the publication of the tweet, noting that it’s invested $17 billion in its semiconductor plant in Austin, Texas, but reassuring concerned parties that no plans to construct a factory have been confirmed as it’s still “[evaluating] new investment needs in the US.”

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